Chair Teddy purple armchair

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Chair Teddy purple armchair

Do you see your little boy or girl all sit in my armchair beautiful Mango? Beaming with happiness after I sent to you all the nice armchair from my island ?! I hope you are as excited as I am happy to share all the benefits of this armchair with you as parents. Your child can sit in this chair for a year or seven. May you Mom and Dad try here? I used solid wood and therefore do not worry, even if your parents can test my sturdy chair. I've already seen your child a bit of a mess behind and always leave lying around the toy. Especially why I made sure that the toys can be stored neatly under the seat of the chair. Is that smart or that clever ?! And remember, good riddance! The seat of the chair is not only a nice soft cushion to sit on, but also to cover all toys are neatly stored away. Because most dads and moms have a sofa fabric, I chose this line also manufactured in dust. This makes it possible to choose a nice crisp tan, but also a color that matches your decor. So no worries, something for everyone. The arms of the armchair Toverberg walk around and bend toward the outside. This your little boy or girl has plenty of room to run fine from left to right. The back is also made curved in order to create unity with the arms. The chair is in black lacquered legs. I think now you know all about my Wizards armchair and I hope you enjoy the next few years. Do you have questions? Teddy mail, and of course I will immediately answer!


  • Width 65 cm depth 38 cm
  • height 50cm
  • For food in shades of pink, blue, gray, anthracite and purple
| Carla Zeeger , Amsterdam 19-05-2014 11:32

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