Stool Zenobia Hocker Sand

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Stool Zenobia Hocker Sand

The Relax series was designed by Utrecht Utrecht in 2015. A beautiful quality product of own soil! The product is made up of a steamed beech framing. This European wood type provides a very solid basis for this model. The suspension in the hull is of Nosagvering, ie zigzag suspension. This model is filled with cold foam (38M) which is characterized by special resilience with a strong recovery ability. The back is also filled with 10 cm soft foam (21S) for the best seating comfort. As a cherry on the cake, a particularly good fabric is used, namely the Hopper. This fabric is made of 100% Polyester and is one of the best furniture materials. A furniture fabric with 50,000 ropes Martindale (wear test) hardly ever complains. Our used fabric scores no less than 100,000 Martindale. Also in the field of pilling (balls on the fabric as in a Woolen sweater), the Hopper fabric scores the highest score. So, this fabric does not wear anything and always stays beautiful! The Relax thus guarantees quality, durability and many years of enjoyment! The model has a modern and very tight design. It has been chosen for thick seams, which makes the tight model even more accentuated. The seat cushion consists of one piece, also to ensure the tight character. The back is slanted backwards to ensure an ideal sitting position. The complete product is chrome plated, making the 43 cm seat height perfect for the Dutch market.


  • Height 43 cm Depth 90 cm Width 60 cm
| E. Grevenberg, Antwerpen 07-09-2013 10:53

Goed geholpen door de klantenservice, telefonisch. En de kruk zit fijn.

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